Wednesday, November 19


Well, not too much going on.....besides work, cakes, kids, kids school, illness, know how it is :-)

Last Wednesday we had a conference, finally, with Tristan's kindergarten teacher. We had had it scheduled for the previous week but due to "miscommunication" or "non-communication" we showed up for the meeting but the teacher didn't. The conference seemed to go okay--we got to ask the questions we needed to ask and find out where she is coming from. I think Jason may have intimidated her a bit, but we were pretty frustrated. Hopefully we are on the same page now and things will get better....already the communication between her and us is better. She's finally keeping us in the loop regarding Tristan's education. The teacher has recommended that Tristan be evaluated by the Response to Intervention (RtI) group at school and this is a group of teachers that work together to create a plan to help a student with whatever interventions they may need. The teacher says she is hoping to get some speech therapy and possible physical (motor skills) therapy. This would all be done during school hours. We are just looking at this as hopefully a good thing :-)
The good thing is that the school has a motor lab that tristan is already using weekly so it may just be that he gets to use it more frequently. We are also making him do little exercises to increase his hand strength as this will help him with his penmanship.

So, enough about Tristan :-)

Adreyn is still doing great in school. She is STAR student next week and is very excited about that!!! Yay, Adreyn. She is finally finding the joy of reading as she is required to read a certain amount of time each day. She is getting through her Ramona books and some of her Junie B Jones books and is really enjoying them.

Rehanyn is still being her same little self. She NEVER stops talking--even while I'm typing this she is laying in bed chattering (she has been in bed for an hour!) She still misses her brother and sister during the day but it is slowly getting better. She is happy this week though because we managed to go to Kroger twice...I think that made her week :-)

I'm working as much as usual--at least I got 2 days off in a row :-)

Jason is staying busy too, while not feeling well...poor baby :-) It's kinda funny though cause when he talks he sounds like he is about 12 with an odd squeaky voice!