Friday, November 21

Latest cake--baby shower

Finished this cake last night for the baby shower today. Left it on the counter last night as the boxes are in Tristan and Rehanyn's room and I really didn't think I should wake them just to retrieve a box.

This morning, got up and was told by Jason to get a box as Rehanyn was eyeing the cake. Went to grab a box and when I get to the kitchen what do I see.....but my child digging her finger through the frosting. There was frosting missing from the circle around the baby's name, and frosting missing from the border at the front of the cake. Luckily I still had frosting left over and was able to fix it!!!!


Tamra said...

great cake. gotta hate it when the kids mess up the cake. Smart keeping the icing around. =) Love the new blog look. sorry to hear about all the trouble with Tristan's teacher. Hopefully that gets sorted and he gets a teacher who can really help him. sounds like the therapy stuff will be good for him too.