Thursday, November 20

Frustrated....and a bit of a hissy fit!

So, Jason got Tristan and Adreyn off to school this morning and then went to work.

At 11 am I got a phone call from the school (we get automated phone calls periodically so not real worried). I answer the phone and it is the Principal of the school. She is just calling to let me know that Tristan is in her office....because "apparently" he pulled down his pants in the cafeteria. OK--not really something he would do but what do I know. She said she was "talking" to him trying to get across that it was "inappropriate" to do that. Well, after a frustrating couple of minutes of trying to understand what was going on (she kept saying, "well, Tristan said he did it but won't say why, and he is saying that _________ did it") I finally told her that she just needed to tell him firmly that he is NEVER EVER to do that again. I asked why he was in her office (I mean, it's the PRINCIPAL's office) she said that it was just the closest place to take him and that it wasn't for discipline. Okay--there were alot closer places they could have taken him. Then she told me "well, he's done this before" Well, that is when I totally lost it...Really??? If he has then why haven't I been told? This is ridiculous--I think that this is something I should know, RIGHT???? Her answer was that she guessed that the teacher didn't tell me because she "handled it". Well, apparently she didn't handle it well if he is now doing it in the cafeteria, huh??? So, I told her that I was really upset with how Tristan has been treated in school and of course she started in with "well, I'm noticing you seem really upset". REALLY???? I just have the kindergarten teacher from hell!!! So I told her about the teacher wanting a conference after just one day of school, and how everything the teacher has sent home is negative and how supposedly Tristan can't complete things at school but comes home asking to do homework and completes everything in about 10 minutes (including the stuff he "can't" complete at school), and how the teacher thinks Tristan is "young" and how he came to school without being able to write his name (he's only 5). So we talked about this RtI stuff--I actually got information from her (the teacher said she didn't really know how it worked)--it sounds like it might be a good thing for him. We talked about Tristan's speech delay--she thought that he was already in speech therapy and was surprised to find that he wasn't. I told her about Tristan managing to cut up and ruin his brand new pair of shoes in class--he was not being watched if he managed that. She definitely could tell that I was frustrated with his teacher. She said she would look into several things (today's incident since it is unlike him, the RtI stuff, and getting speech therapy started). So after 30 minutes of discussion and me getting to express my frustration we hung up. I called Jason after about 20 minutes (I needed to calm down first--I hate that I cry when I get mad :-{ ) Then, at 2:20 I got another call from the Principal...I wasn't sure what to think....She had researched back to when we had Tristan tested by the school system in 2006 (when they wanted to classify him as autistic) and come to find out....back then he had qualified for speech and occupational therapy...and they never told us!!!!! I am so frustrated!!! Anyway, the principal is getting everything started to get him into the speech therapy program and to get some occupational therapy so hopefully that will get started and we may see some improvement in those areas. Jason and I are still thinking that we will probably have to request that he get a new teacher though as we don't feel that this teacher is "the right fit" (to put it nicely).

I'll keep updating this as we know more...we are supposed to hear from the speech teacher and occupational person soon.

Thanks for listening to me vent.... :-)