Sunday, May 26


Well,  It's been awhile...

Things are going well here at the Halbmaier house. 

Jason is pretty much on his own now with his job...he has contracts with several new companies and has been able to leave his "boss" and find his own work.  The problem is that now his territory is even larger and spread out so that makes his hours longer.  However, he is doing a great job and it's nice that he is still flexible so can pick up the kids from school etc.  (Mom has been helping with this too, when Jason is too busy)

Tanya...Well, I'm still working,  I was the Interim Director for about 4 months, and now I'm back to being the manager.  I still do a lot of Director stuff though.  Work has been crazy busy lately...We have never been so busy so hiring new staff is a priority.  But, we almost have all our positions hired so hopefully will be good over the summer.  I still love my job and the people I work with are great!

Adreyn...cannot believe she is almost 14.  She is finishing up 7th grade and has done very well in school.  We just went to her spring choir was beautiful.  Adreyn is being a typical teenager...always something to do with her friends.  We are glad she has a good group of friends.

Tristan...has had a good school year...we weren't sure about his teacher but she has seemed to do ok with him.  He is making good progress and seems to be catching up a bit developmentally (he is still probably about a year behind).  He has figured out how to lie...good for developmental stage...not good for happy parents.  He has also figured out how to have an attitude...we have been adjusting it periodically :-)  He continues to do well in school.  He will be in 5th grade next year. 

Rehanyn...had had a great school year and her teacher praises her for always being a helper.  Rehanyn is in the lying stage as well and has had an extended period of punishment due to lying.  Hopefully, this will get the message across.  Otherwise, she is still a sweetheart and so loveable.

Molly (our dog) is getting older and slower...but she is still the most loving and sweet dog ever.


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