Saturday, February 18

I'm done with funerals

Went to another funeral friend's son passed away on Tuesday.  He was 3 months younger than Tristan.  With his history of cardiac issues this little guy had a massive heart attack that he couldn't survive.  I keep thinking about his mom and how hard this has to be. And at the funeral today I kept thinking about what I would be like if it was one of my kids...I don't think I'd be doing well.  I'm done with funerals this year. 2 funerals in 2 months for a 2 day old and a 8 year old is enough for the year.  Today, the daddy of the 2 day old was at the funeral for the 8 year was nice to see him but so very hard too. 

So, done with funerals and done with dying...hopefully my next post will be more upbeat :-)  we can only hope right???


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