Tuesday, June 9

Water Pics :-)

Daddy and Rehanyn watching Adreyn and Tristan play in the fountains. Rehanyn played too but was done a lot sooner than the other too :)

(sorry for the poor pic quality....taken on my cell phone on a VERY sunny day!)

Can you tell that Tristan loves the water?

Look, she's actually smiling for a picture!!!

Adreyn and Tristan playing in the fountains

Adreyn and Tristan


Tamra said...

where were these taken at?? Looks like lots of fun. We can't wait because we're having a water park built here in Hervey Bay and it is supposed to be done by summer. YAY!!

Tanya said...

the new Highland Village shops have a water fountain area where all the kids play in the water.