Thursday, June 11

Tristan's Birthday...and a Tornado!

Happy Birthday Tristan!!!

Tristan's day started with Tutoring at 9am for 2 hours (through the school, 3 days a week for 3 weeks). Then he came home and played on the computer, then we had lunch (Taco Bell), then it was Naptime! Yay!!!

Tristan loved getting a card in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Huberty


After a nap and opening presents we were off to the swimming pool in Lewisville. We got to swim for about an hour and a half before the pool closed due to lightening.
Well, we got home just in time for the storms to start...and then got to spend quality time together in the guest bathroom while a tornado lifted the roof of our house over the front entryway. The houses behind us were hit harder than us. One house's chimney is now in the front yard. There is lots of debris and damage to trees and roofs in the neighborhood but we are all safe and that is all that matters :-)!!!!!

Here's a video of Tristan on his Birthday :-)


Tamra said...

how freaky!! Glad everyone is safe. and that Tristan had a great birthday!!