Tuesday, March 30

An adventure in failure.

I'm racking my brains trying to think of something interesting to post. I have come to one decision that I will not be writing about cooking my way through Julia Child's cookbook. (I can see my wife rolling her eyes and calling me an idiot already) A relief to all of you I'm sure and a chance to save my wife from more embarrassment.
My wife has a way of taking what happens in our lives and filtering it down so when you read about us you get that warm and fuzzy feeling. My portion of this blog will be relating what has happened to me and trying to find the humor in it. It's really the only thing I am half way good at. Today I tried rotating the tires on my car. This turned into a drawn out process involving several trips to relatives homes, me and my car covered in pneumatic tool oil. Did you know you can actually overfill the oil reservoir on an impact wrench? I didn't, but I discovered this truth only after I wiped the oil off my car, the garage floor and my glasses. I did finally succeed in this venture, but I sometime wonder if God is watching and laughing as my attempts always seem to go awry. I know God loves me, and I hope he can forgive me for all the times I cursed when things didn't go my way. God Bless and have a great week. Jason Halbmaier


Tamra said...

haha, made me laugh. I'm so glad I don't do the jobs like that around here. HAve to say it worried me when I didn't know it was you writing and then you said "my wife". HA