Saturday, February 6

Not much

That's what has been going on around here. Rehanyn is better. Tristan still has allergies. Adreyn is still healthy...yay! School is going well for the kids. I'll have to blog about our meetings with the school. Things seem to be getting slowly better. Tristan has had 6 good days in a row!!!!! Apparently bribing works for him. Lol. He's already earned dinner at his favorite restaurant and if he has 4 more consecutive days he gets pokemon stuff. He's really excited!

That's about it for us though...not much more exciting stuff. Oh, we did have eye exams for the kids this week. Adreyn is getting new glasses. Tristan is trending towards nearsightedness but doesn't need glasses right now. Rehanyn has great eyesight! Yay!


Tamra said...

It's not bribery. It's positive reinforcement!! =)

grammynurse said...

Yay for Tristan. Adreyn will have to show me her new glasses. I take it Rehanyn is back in school.