Monday, January 25

Miss Molly, Miss Molly

a week ago Saturday I was getting ready for work when Jason hollers at me and says "Molly is bleeding!" Molly was outside and Rehanyn had noticed that there was "purple stuff" coming out of Molly's foot. Upon inspection, we noticed that Molly had a good sized cut on the back of her front leg. Luckily I was doing an office day at work, so was able to go in late to work so that Jason could take Molly to the vet hospital.

The vet told Jason that Molly had cut through the veins in her leg and (I guess) nicked the artery too, and that if we hadn't found it when we did that Molly probably would have bled to death. Because she is so big and she gets VERY hyper at the vet's they had to sedate her before they could stitch her up. So the poor girl got to come home stoned and wearing "the cone of shame" (that's what Jason calls it LOL) .......................and we got a vet bill for $550!!!!!
She was not impressed by the cone or the bandage...we did take pity on her and the cone was off in about 24 hours. She has been so good leaving her bandage alone. On Wednesday Jason took Molly to our vet for a bandage change (there is a new vet there...he does NOT know how to bandage anything...I wish I could have done it!!!!). she went back Saturday for another bandage change (and saturday morning she managed to pull out the gauze from UNDER the bandage but left the bandage on) Anyway, on Saturday, Jason just asked that the bandage be left off. She has done great and pretty much leaves her stitches alone.
She goes back to the vet on Thursday to get her stitches out...hopefully that goes well!