Tuesday, July 21


All right....

Still haven't gotten the roof fixed...we've had 3 contractors out to look at it...one more to go...the adjuster has been out and we have a check from the insurance company...however all the contractors say that the adjuster missed several things so we have to get that figured out! Hopefully we can decide on a contractor and get the roof fixed and not have to pay alot of money out of pocket!

We are all doing pretty well here...the kids are adjusted pretty much to being at home...they are all 3 looking forward to school (as are their parents!!!). We have a babysitter for them 3 days a week now...so they don't have to go to work with Jason while I sleep. Jessica comes to the house and stays with the kids while I sleep...they LOVE her and behave quite well for her.

Jason is really busy with work--Thank God!!! So that is good.

Work has been REALLY busy for me lately...I managed to fill the unit to capacity at least 2 times in the last 2 weeks :-) We are glad to be busy though because we were slow for about 3 weeks and people were having a hard time getting shifts.

This weekend is the NICU Reunion so it is quite a busy week for me making sure that everything is ready to go! I will post pics of the cakes as I get them done and then will post pics of the party...It should be BIG!!! We already have over 300 RSVP's...

Something funny...today I took the kids out for lunch to IHOP. Tristan got chocolate chip pancakes and was so hungry apparently that he forgot how to use his utensils and started the two-handed shovel approach to eating...the whole time he was doing this he kept saying "I am a hungry pig" It was hilarious!!! However, I did stop him and make him use his fork :-)