Wednesday, March 18

Justin's Cake

I can't I'm on here...whatever. Justin's birthday party was this weekend. Tasha said he wanted a pokemon cake with chocolate cake. His favorite pokemon are Pikachu and Ash. Anyway I had worked the night before and it was a crazy, horrible shift so I was pretty much asleep when I decorated the cake. Luckily, apparently I can decorate a cake when I'm asleep :-) I wish it had turned out better...but Jason said that everyone at the party liked it...I went to bed after decorating the cake since I had to work that night too. Wish I could have been at the party...Oh well. Here are some pics of the cake. Sorry the close up is so blurry...I was so tired I forgot to change the setting on the camera so the picture would come out clear...ooops :-)


grammynurse said...

You did a great job - even sleepy. I wondered how you were going to work, decorate cake, party and work again. Missed you but glad you got some sleep