Wednesday, December 24

Christmas Eve

So, I've been quite lax about blogging lately. I guess I took a blogging break--not because I planned it but because I just didn't feel like it :-)

So, Tristan got sent to the principal's office again. Same reason. Why the teacher took him to the office immediately instead of stopping at the bathroom first when he said he had to go--I will never understand that *idiot* (ok, sorry, adjusting my attitude) *crazy* woman. Come to find out the cafeteria incident (first one)--upon investigation another kid told Tristan to do it, so not his fault, really, I guess. Come to find out--this time the same kid told him to do it again. So after *expressing* my frustration to the principal I asked for a new teacher for Tristan and hopefully we will get a new one when the current 6 weeks is over (middle of Jan) so that makes Jason and I much happier. Tristan's speech and motor skills are continually improving too.

Adreyn is doing well in school--other than being a bit messy so we are working on that with her handwriting and keeping her desk neat. She is motivated to do well so that helps.

Rehanyn is frustrating us as always--I swear she is the child God gave me in return for my parents saying "just wait--one of these days you'll get a kid just like you". She is such a sweetie but sooooo high maintenance! We are looking forward to school for her next year. Right now she is sick with a cough and stuffiness so she is even more fun because she is "fweeling vewy sick, mommy".

Work has had a bit of a low census in the last couple of weeks so I have been able to get some time off (on call but at least I get to stay home). That has been nice. I've been busy the last couple of weeks doing some Christmas baking (cake balls, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered pretzels). The middle of December mom and dad watched the kids overnight for us so we could go to a friends birthday party and actually be adults for awhile :-)

Jason has been busy again--this is nice since his work was slow for awhile. Right now his car is in the shop (has been since last Thursday) to get some warranty work done before the warranty runs out. So, Jason has been driving a rental car--well, not a car it's a Dodge Ram King Cab truck. That thing is so HUGE I have to crawl into it!!!! It doesn't look too bad for the kids to crawl in but not so good when the mommy has to. Even Jason has a little trouble climbing in :-)

This is the first year in 9 years that I have both Christmas Eve and Christmas day off. I usually work one or the other--so have to spend at least some time sleeping each day. It will be nice to be fully awake tomorrow!!!

Today I went last minute Christmas shopping--and took all 3 kids. That was an adventure and reminded me why you shouldn't procrastinate and shop the day before Christmas!!! And why mom would never take us shopping with her--I always wanted to go and now I totally understand why! :-)

Mom and Debbie have both asked me about Cake Balls so here is the recipe:

1 box Cake mix (any flavor)
1 tub frosting (any flavor)
1 package white chocolate bark (or chocolate or the candy spheres you can get at Michaels)

Cook cake mix according to directions. Let cool then crumble into tiny crumbs
Add entire tub of frosting--mix completely with crumbs
Chill mixture
When cold form into small bite-sized balls--Chill again
Melt white chocolate (or whatever you are using)
Dip chilled cake balls in white chocolate (cover cake completely) and let dry/harden on wax paper or aluminum foil

Eat and enjoy!!!

I like to use white cake mix (I add a little peppermint extract to the batter) and mix vanilla frosting (tinted pink with a bit of peppermint extract added) in with a chocolate coating. you can use whatever flavors you like--red velvet cake is really pretty with this too if you coat it in pink or white.

I guess that is it for now--I'll post pictures of Christmas morning and Christmas at mom and dad's tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Eve to all!!!!!